Commentary – Time for new seasons and change

Richard Froese

Winter is winding down and warmer and brighter days are ahead.

Spring is just around the corner.

The first day of spring is March 20.

Before that, remember to turn your clocks ahead one hour when daylight saving time returns March 10.

Some people say spring can’t arrive soon enough after a long cold winter.

Reports indicate it was the coldest February in about 40 years.

In two months, the long winter will be long forgotten.

Spring is a season for fresh beginnings, new life and change.

Most people like a time for get refreshed.

Farmers are eager to get into their field to plant seed for their crops.

As the snow melts and the weather warms, more people will be outside walking, biking, jogging, and enjoying other outdoor activities and sports.

Voters in Alberta are also waiting for a provincial election that will likely be held in May.

Or it could be sooner.

It will all be up to Premier Rachel Notley to make the call.

That could also occur days after the Throne Speech on March 18.

By law, the 2019 provincial election must be held before May 31.

Once the premier drops the writ, the election will be held four weeks later.

United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney demands New Democratic Party premier call the election sooner than later.

It appears most voters are wondering what she is waiting for before she makes the call.

Opinion polls say Kenney and the UCP will form the next government after four years of NDP.

Numbers show it could be a majority government.

What will happen first?

Notley drops the writ for a provincial election or the Edmonton Oilers are out of the Stanley Cup playoff race?

Just think, Oilers’ fans will have more time to concentrate on the provincial election as their beloved team hits the golf course.

The weather usually gets hotter in May and many people want to get out to a lake or campground.

Students will be out of school for the summer and many major community events will return to bring thousands of people to the area and benefit local businesses.

Families will also gear up for their annual summer getaways.

Sunny days are on the horizon.

But, the sunny ways for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are dimmer.

It’’s not good news for him heading into a federal election scheduled for Oct. 21.

He seems to be on shaky ground amidst the SNC-Lavalin controversy.

Results of a new poll released Feb. 28 show the Conservatives have enough support to form a majority government.

Andrew Scheer would be the next prime minister.

A report by the Angus Reid Institute indicates the Conservatives have support of 38 percent of voters.

That’s seven points ahead of the Liberals with 31 per cent.

The majority of Canadians, 66 per cent, believe the SNC-Lavalin affair points to a deeper scandal in the Prime Minister’s Office, the poll found.

For the second time in four years, Albertans could be electing new governments.

Conservative parties appear to be on their way back into power in Edmonton and Ottawa.

Two Conservative governments working together will benefit Alberta more than the current governments.

When several hundred Alberta truckers staged a protest against federal policies oil policies Feb. 18 in Ottawa, the prime minister did not respond.

Campaigns will heat up as election days approach.

Get to know the candidates and make your vote count.

Bring on the warmer weather and times for change.


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