Commentary – Thou giveth, thou taketh away

Chris Clegg

Last week, I received another Justin Trudeau cheque in the mail, better known by others as the climate change refund.
You will have to forgive me if I am not exactly jumping for joy over my recently acquired $148.22 windfall, although it should be much easier due to a lighter wallet.
Trudeau is no different than most politicians. He robs from the people, then gives the same money back while smiling and telling us what a great guy he is! The problem is, he takes far more than he gives. Hope he never gets involved in financing my favourite charity.
What a joke!
Let’s see. Trudeau implemented carbon taxes to help save the environment. Canada’s own Superman, Batman and Spiderman all rolled into one. To raise money for his cause, he creates a new tax. Never mind that endless studies have proven that the best way to keep economies healthy is to keep the money in the hands of the people. This is the same guy who said budgets balance themselves. Tee hee!
Ah, yes, but there is the government philosophy shared by too many that they know what is best for the people and their opinions be damned! The same opinion that believes there is always a little more money John Citizen and Jane Doe can fork over. I am sure Trudeau believes he can squeeze gold out of every stone or ice cube.
Now I am faced with a big problem. How to blow my newfound $148.22 fortune. I do not have to worry about saving it because Trudeau tells me budgets balance themselves, right? Nothing to worry about!
I could fuel up my truck but that would blow just about every penny. The federal and provincial governments have made sure they are first in line to take their share. It is not unlike the dominant lions and wolves who get first choice at the carcass.
Maybe I could use it to pay for a portion of an airline ticket and take a holiday. Not that $148.22 will take me very far.
Or, now that I have a bit of extra cash, maybe I could afford to turn up the heat in my house. The mice in the basement are complaining it’s a bit too cool for their liking.
Or, perhaps I could go to the grocery store and stock up with chow. Inflation, thanks in part to the same guy who grabs inside your wallet to fuel his climate change dream, is taking more and more of my paycheque each day.
Maybe I’ll put it aside and mix some concrete next spring to improve the yard. Sounds like a lot of work though.
For the most part, my suggestions are activities needed to live each day. Fuel up the truck. Buy groceries. Heat the house.
But did you also know the human activities that leave the largest carbon footprint are, according to Miss Google, are: electricity and heat, 31, per cent; transportation, 15 per cent; manufacturing, 12 per cent; agriculture, 11 per cent; and forestry, six per cent.
So, electricity and heating, plus transportation comprise 46 per cent, or nearly half, of the carbon footprint.
We live in northern Canada. Seems to me that electricity and heating, plus transportation, are pretty much a way of life here. I do not think that is changing soon?
Perhaps our esteemed federal leader should live in northern Canada for a winter and learn just how real the dependency is on fossil fuels. I’d like to see him chop wood or huddle around an electric heater in Inuvik to stay warm in mid-December.
As for my $148.22 it is already gone. A portion of it back to Trudeau when I filled my truck with gas. I guess that was Trudeau’s plan all along. What a nice guy I was, taking care “his money” for him for a short time!

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