Commentary – These things happen

Jeff Burgar

I was being “Karened.”

Oh no!

Of course, I didn’t know it was that at the time. Whatever!

Something was happening. And I was the target, just as if I had a bull’s-eye drawn on my forehead. It was broad daylight no less! Well, OK! It was on the telephone. A really quite imaginary bull’s-eye. But hey! It was still working hours!

In case you are confused. Apparently, it is fashionable for the past few years to give an outraged female a common, identifiable name. Given particularly to one who demands some sort of justice be served over what she thinks is a horrible wrong against her. She is, in new world slang, being a “Karen.” For guys, it’s doing a “Kyle.”

It has nothing to do with whether the “injustice” is real. Or just imagined. It’s the act of outrage that identifies it as coming from a “Karen.”

In my case, the “Karen” was super-angry over a column I wrote. She kept arguing, loudly and furiously, how I had written something. Something that plainly, to me anyway, was not in the column. The “discussion” was going nowhere. I said as much. As in, “I am not apologizing. I never said anything of the sort you are claiming. You are very much wrong.”

This ended in her furious, “Yes you did say it! Not in so many words. But I can read between the lines!”

Ah! Thank you, Karen, for educating me!

So I am a tad behind the times. I did not know, for example, that calling American President Donald Trump a narcissist is enough to totally discredit any good works he has done.

Come on! Does it really matter if he is a vain fool? He allowed Keystone XL, an Alberta lifeline, to go ahead. That, after Barack Obama squashed it at the end of his own presidential term. Obama’s move OK because he was charming? I guess, to some minds anyway.

I don’t know if I am “woke.” I try to be fair to everybody. But since I am not even sure what “woke” means, I will have to keep muddling through. If I offend anybody for any reason, other than they just don’t agree with me, I apologize.

We are in such a political correct age, old fuddies like myself, and well-meaning fuddies not so-old, tread on minefields. Thankfully, almost all of our foibles can be corrected and smoothed over with a sincere and heartfelt apology. We are indeed sorry.

Sadly, we do not see enough of that from rabble-rousers. When proven wrong, those folks simply move on to the next outrage. When they misspeak, or go off the deep end in their outrage, we rarely hear from them again.

Those who attacked Lindsey Shepherd? Silent.

Those who supported Jussie Smollett? Silent.

Attacked the Covington Kids? Silent.

The good news is, at the time of this writing, it is only June. There is a whole summer of outrage ahead of us.

If any of us stumble? Sincerely apologize. Wait 48 hours. Karen and Kyle will have found something new.

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