COMMENTARY – Summer’s yin and yang

by Jeff Burgar

I was hoping it would be a long, hot, boring, but also enjoyable summer.

Maybe in that, is the problem. Long? Well, not even half-way through and many things happening. By that measure, long indeed.

Which would mean it has not been boring, or at least, certainly not uneventful as far as news is concerned.

So enjoyable so far? Not if your idea of enjoyment is taking it easy in the backyard, sipping on a cool beverage, watching the grass grow and thinking nice thoughts about the world. Like for example, where to catch some Pokemons.
Maybe head to the golf course to work on the short game. Think about catching some fish. Maybe reading another Lee Child Jack Reacher book. Mainly, just not thinking about too much at all. But, the monsters arrived.

I’m not talking about Pokemon characters either. No, these uglies are people and events. Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton.

The continual shortage of doctors in our northern towns.

Governments in Canada that spend way too much money.

A never ending litany of stories about terrorists around the world.

And now, a never ending litany of stories of blacks getting shot by police in the States. It’s all really a mind-numbing state of affairs.

Even seeking refuge in sports is not an answer these days. The wrong hockey players are traded. The wrong professionals win golf tournaments. Doping stories run wild. The Olympics are a looming disaster.

There is one consolation about this summer’s news. A year ago, every second story used to be about some third world dictator invading another third world country.

Or some Middle East country shooting some missiles at another Middle East country. If not missiles, there was outright warfare and invasion.

And of course, the never ending litany of stories about suicide bombers lighting up the foreign bazaar or hotel lobby as they made their way to heaven. Sadly, taking everybody unlucky to be near the explosion along with them.

That news was all so very far away. In that, as horrifying as it was, it seemed of less importance than the local story about a car accident or a bear attack.

This summer, we get all the far away stories, plus the nearby accidents, mixed with our Canadian kidnappings, murders, bear attacks, rapes, shootings, the passing of loved ones, and more. It isn’t a long, hot boring summer.

Good news? Yes there is good news. Stock markets are at record highs. Our provincial government is doing okay. Crops are growing. It seems more tourists than ever are visiting our part of the land. Look, and one can find happiness.

So pour me another lemonade please. And for now, I won’t be needing any muscle in it. Not yet, anyway.

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