Commentary – Spring is the time to become active

Richard Froese

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz . . .

Well, not quite!

While spring arrived March 19, the snow was still flying around with cold temperatures. Many Albertans are still waiting for the first signs that spring is here to stay.

It seemed that spring arrived for good when temperatures reached around 23 C on March 16-18.

But it was just teasing!

Spring is a time for fresh beginnings, a sense of new things and a time to get re-energized after a long, cold winter.

However, the past winter was not that harsh with little snow and deep-freezing temperatures for only about a two-week period.

Churches celebrated Easter last weekend as a time to reflect on life.

Students and teachers are on spring break and have one week away from the classroom and studies.

Over the next few weeks as the temperature rises and melts the snow, people will be itching to be more active outside.

Fresh air and regular physical activity are good for the health of everyone – from young children to seniors. Take the opportunity to take time to get active and healthy in the great outdoors.

One of the first signs of spring is youth playing street hockey in neighbourhoods around the community across Canada.

Coincidentally, spring is also the time when the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs get underway.

Many young people also head down to the local skateboard park to freshen up on their skills in rolling and wheeling.

Many adults and seniors enjoy walking and cycling along local roads and streets.

Community parks and trail networks are also popular for people to go for a walk or a bicycle ride.

Some people who walk for their daily exercise do it year-round. It can be a challenge, however, in winter when some sidewalks and streets are not safe to walk on.

Many community parks with playgrounds also feature fitness stations to allow people to get some cardiovascular exercise to allow oxygen flow to working muscles to reduce heart disease and stroke.

Exercise may seem stressful and difficult to start – and continue – for some people. Life and activities can be more fun doing it with other people rather than alone.

Many community recreation programs offer scheduled or drop-in sessions such as walking and other physical activities.

Alberta Health Services offers sessions to promote health in the Alberta Healthy Living Program.

Organized spring and summer sports will soon be starting. Minor soccer, baseball and softball are played in many communities. Some youth soccer is offered as a leisure activity while others promote the game at a higher level of skills.

Many leagues and organizations have already launched registration blitzes to recruit new players and welcome back players from previous seasons.

Golf courses will soon be back in operation. They may be opening sooner that in previous years after snow melts quickly in spring heatwaves.

Golfers are eager to get back into the swing of things.

As the temperatures heats up even more, people will start to think about and get ready for another season of camping, hiking, boating, fishing at nearby lakes and recreational areas.

Have fun – healthy fun – with family and friends!

As people look forward to the warmer spring days with fresh air, rain will also be a welcome sight. Moisture – lots of moisture – is needed to soak into the ground to reduce wildfires and produce fruitful crops for farmers.

Otherwise we could be in for another hectic summer of wildfires, drought water shortages and disruptions.

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