Commentary – So who is the ‘bad apple?’

Jeff Burgar

Chrystia Freeland is known in some parts as “The Pride of Peace River.”

Freeland is deputy prime minister of Canada. Last week, she was in the news as a Rebel Media reporter was trying to “scrum (asking questions right after a happening)” with her.

Most of the mainstream media, like CBC and CTV and others, would have ignored what happened. But it wasn’t pretty. And after they finally got their own respective “stories” straight how to deal with this, took great pain to tell viewers the reporter involved, David Menzies, has a history. He is often in trouble with “the authorities.”

These days, perhaps the media action is supposed to represent “balance” and “context.” I don’t know how this explains the goon behaviour of what appears to be Freeland’s security detail. As in, “Hey, this here guy is trouble. Treat him as such?”

That’s how I read the CTV news report that basically tried to excuse the security behaviour. You know, let’s be careful security team. Any well-known journalist might suddenly go unhinged on Freeland and explode a microphone in her face. Muscle accordingly.

For those who have not seen the video clip, Freeland and someone who might be an aide were outside approaching a group of security and reporters. They walked right past Menzies as he was asking questions and shoving his mike at Freeland. The aide swerved away, Freeland went right by Menzies, but he kept up with her, pushing his microphone at her and asking questions. In a few steps, a narrow gap loomed, between a pole and a building wall. At this point we are right in the news scrum with more cops milling about. And a plain clothes security cop, unmoving, and blocking most of the narrow path forward. Menzies didn’t see him, bumped him, and apologized, The cop instantly manhandled him up against a wall and told him, “You are under arrest for assault.”

One comparison I can think of is the 2020 Fort McMurray RCMP officer tackling Chief Adam outside a Fort casino. Chief Adam was indeed being an ass, performing martial arts moves in front of another RCMP officer. Then out of the blue, another officer arrives on the scene and slams Adam to the ground. Call it a “George Floyding.” CBC was tickled to report on systemic racism. Charges against Adam were eventually dropped, for better or worse.

But Menzies?

In the Freeland incident. In all honesty, it seems like one media outlet is trying to outdo the next one in blaming Menzies for being such a bad person. He deserves all this.

This makes no sense at all. If he is a real threat, why not slam him to the ground as soon as he went after Freeland. Or, if he is known as a trouble maker, why didn’t the cop move between him and Freeland? Instead, let him bump you then accuse him of assault?

At the end of the day, Menzies was hauled off to the local police station. No charges were laid. Menzies was released. Rebel is threatening a lawsuit.

But fear not good citizens. Despite minor glitches, law enforcement and big media is on your side. Just ask them.

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