Commentary – Paying for shoddy work

Jeff Burgar

Some of the dozen or so bigwig civil servants in charge of Alberta Health Services make over $500,000 per year, not including their perks, pensions and allowances.
You may well again wonder, given the current situation in Alberta in hospitals, and even the roller coaster Alberta economy in general, “Are we really all in this together?”
Up to about 100 years ago, the Chinese health system was simple. Everybody in the village or community paid the local doctors or medicine men regularly. The doctor’s job was to keep everybody healthy. If someone became sick, they stopped paying the doctor until he made them healthy again.
Did such a system work? Well, one cannot argue there sure are a lot of Chinese folks around!
Back in Alberta and Canada, a simple question is asked over and over again. That is, how many civil servants and people on the public payroll, from towns and cities to provinces and federal departments, are taking the same hits as people in private enterprise? When all those government offices are closed, when schools are shut down, when people are told to “work from home,” or take “reduced hours,” how many also got a wage or salary cut? Probably exactly zero.
Businesses and owners had to rely on special federal support programs. Still, many places have closed and will never open again.
Yet, even in all this, there is a cohort of people out there who in effect say, “Not good enough! Put the boots to them again while they are down.”
They politely called this a “firebreak.” Or a “circuit breaker.” Or a lockdown or a shutdown. So just wondering, are there small businesses out there screaming for lockdowns? Are big box stores staying open ready to cut their prices by 75 per cent or more, you know, to show solidarity with their little cousins who have shut their doors?
Heck, even the Alberta Teachers Association, while calling for shutdowns and masks, won’t demand their own union members take a wage cut while sitting at home. Because you know, we are still all in this together!
Worse, they will not demand their own members get vaccinated. Nope. They want Premier Jason Kenney to wade into the argument and force it.
So much for the ATA being there for the children!
We are being badly served by political infighting backed by an unquestioning socialist media.
Doctors, nurses and teachers? Almost all good people, we have no doubt.
But the addled system that, among many bone-headed policies, stalls foreign doctors wanting work in Canada and Alberta, has added to the shortage hospital mess we have right now.
And Kenney is supposed to fix it by wrecking the economy even more with lockdowns?
Do those $500,000 per year people running AHS, among others, have answers?
A cardboard box could say “Lockdown! Yay!”
The patient is now sick. Stop paying the AHS bosses or anybody else crying for lockdowns. No pay until Alberta is healthy again.

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