Commentary – Old Bossy is running dry

Chris Clegg

Western Canadians are soft! Really, really soft when it comes to confederation!

There! I said it! Now let me state my case!

We have had eastern politicians give it to us for decades. For far too long, eastern politicians have viewed the west as a cash cow, ready to be milked and milked again until she’s dry. Let’s call this eastern collective group East.

We have East trying to grab the teats on a Holstein called West. Let’s call the teats on West Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. East and the greedy federal government are trying to milk old West dry. Which teat will go dry first?

The question is, does West get as much from East as she gives? Does West get any feed or vet care from East, or at least enough to make her life worthwhile? Is it time for West to move on to a new pasture?

More and more, East takes from the West and lowers her quality of life. Pretty soon, West won’t be able to afford the hay it needs to survive, or at least prosper.

It would help if old West had a pipeline to help feed her, but East will have none of that. But still, East continues to take hay from West. It’s the money she needs to feed herself to produce more milk so the East can drink.

Oh, well!

Pretty soon, old West will grow old. Unless a new pipeline is built to help feed West’s offspring, the inevitable occurs. The scary thing is what happens to old West as the years go by. She actually dies or is sent to slaughter.

Is this fair?

West has to wonder how much hay she could store if she wasn’t being milked by East so much. West must wonder if things would be better if she built a fence called Independence between the two.

How far away are we from this?

I’ve been a proud Canadian all my life and still am. But more and more, I question the value of staying in Canada. We are being robbed by a group of people who laugh in our face, try to destroy our economy, and generally disregard our concerns as if it was yesterday’s bath water.

Anyone who thinks Canada is not like a bad marriage is only fooling themselves.

East is lucky West is a placid, take it on the chin type of cow. It puts up with a lot. Many will be at the slaughterhouse before they wake up but by then it’s too late.

In the meantime, what is West to do? All over the world, regions within countries stand up for themselves and separate. Many of them prosper. Why not us?

We should not give up on being part of Canada, but there has to be a time where East respect us. Right now, we have a bunch of gutless municipal and provincial politicians who are only too willing to bow to East and kiss its you know what. Where is our fortitude?

Now we have Jason Kenney in Alberta leading us. If that’s what West has to lead us against the East, we’re in trouble.

Meanwhile, the East is being led by a member of a family who once gave the middle finger to the West. The old saying is the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree is evident.

When will West stand up for herself? Hopefully, before she runs dry.

Or perhaps, by “Scheer” luck something will happen soon and real change will occur.

More and more, Canada is like a failed marriage with one region dominating another. Should this continue, one partner will surely say enough is enough.

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