Commentary – Nothing but water, eventually

Jeff Burgar

It’s said, “If you ever watch them make hotdogs, you will never eat another one.”

Maybe true for some. I watched a segment on How It’s Made. It didn’t change me at all.

But maybe they hid part of the process.

The flotsam and oddball not-quite-trash parts of the animals all tossed together. The big grinders. The sprinkling and mixing of spices in huge vats. Then, after all the proper amount of grinding, mishing, squishing and spicing, the “doggie” is squeezed out of the vat, into the single-serve plastic wrap or multi-pack we all love to cut apart to enjoy our sandwich. Or mix it with beans for a nice treat. Or just eat it cold.

It really isn’t raw. The segment I saw had the single-serve cooked along the way. I don’t know when the multi-pack is cooked.

Just writing does make me wonder if I will ever again chomp into a “dog” fresh off the barbie. I’m already half there after reading the latest reports on such “processed” meats. Sausages, hotdogs, and even cured meats, like bacon. None are supposedly good for you.

Now, I always prefer the “all beef” versions of the deli meats and hotdogs. Possibly, I have it in my mind that anything else – well – who knows what might be in that package. All the entrails, skins, turkey lips and anything we don’t want to imagine could be lurking there.

So I go for all beef. Which, if you think about it, probably could mean just about anything that comes from a cow, right? After all, if Volkswagen can lie about diesel emissions, can you really trust somebody grinding up what’s left after a butcher carves out steaks and makes hamburger?

I’ve banned almost all the “super squished” meats from my diet. Mostly. Once in awhile I’m going to have a pepperoni, either on a pizza or a stick. Probably not a salami or bologna sandwich though. And maybe a hotdog. Or a breakfast sausage. But not many.

Now, I’m also worried about the other stuff apparently posing risks. I like to often make a toasted pastrami sandwich or two for breakfast. You know, in between my All-Bran or Shreddies healthy cereal breakfasts or lunches. Deli-sliced beef pastrami, not the mixed stuff. A slice of American cheese or grated brick. All on rye toast. Pop in the microwave for 20 seconds. Bring it out and slather on a good dose of sauerkraut. Then Dijon mustard. Enjoy. Take that, you 30-minute Jamie Oliver!

Sadly, this is now on the “hit list” for being unhealthy. It all has to do with nitrites in the meat.

My next move is clear. Like my friend who was bothered by a constant flow of high-cholesterol readings his doctor gave him. He decided, instead of a host of pills and diet changes, he was just going to stop getting tested.

Good plan! I will stop reading about bad foods.

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