Commentary – Name that kid

Jeff Burgar

We are not expecting a new member to our family. At least, not a person! Even so, it’s always fun to look over last year’s most popular new baby names.

An outfit called Namebaby goes one better. Instead of listing what were last year’s big baby names, Namebaby predicts what next year’s most popular baby names will be.

This is a big deal, if they can get it right. Usually, it’s a case of not knowing until deep into 2020, or longer, what the most popular name of 2019 was. So many government forms to scan. So little time. Maybe your young boy is born in January a few months from now.

Will you scold yourself if you fail to name him [or even her] Jackson? That name is a biggie these days. So are Cody, Sophia and Liam.

But next year, might paint you as an old geezer because you are not on top of future trends.

Namebaby predicts 2020 top baby names for girls, in order of what they think will be the biggest, first. So we have Adah, Reese, Mika, Paisley, Amina, Teagan, Nova, Aura, Pearl and Billie.

How many names sound familiar? Two? Three? All of them? I know a couple. Reese is likely from Reese Witherspoon. Mika is the female counterpart on the morning yakfest on MSNBC, Morning Joe. Pearl is the former MLA for Lesser Slave Lake, Pearl Calahasen but seriously, we don’t think her “famousity” has actually spread much beyond northern Alberta.

Billie is supposed to be star Billie Eilish. We have no idea who she is. Sorry.

For boys, the names, in order, are Austin, Alva, Tate, Diego, Easton, Lucius, Cash, Ash and Luca.

Austin sounds kind of “cowboyish.” Alva? Tate? Diego is a booze company, responsible for among other things Captain Morgan rum. Easton and the rest? Well, Cash is also kind of western, so it must be as good as Cody.

Namebaby also suggests gender neutral names will be big. So Ellis, Phoenix, Remi [or Remy], Marlowe, Shea, Zephyr, Darcy, Rowan, Quinn and Emerson are on their list.

I feel so dated. All my friends have names of Dennis, Fred, George, Don, Gary, Richard, David, Ross, Gerald, Robert, Brian and so many more.

Ladies are Mary, Donna, Diane, Susan, Linda, Judy, Rose, Denise, Cheryl and Sheila, Louise and Deborah, also among so many more.

Somewhere in the middle of all this are Dana, Warren, Tammy, Corinne, Stacey, Vena, Amber, Ben, Kate, Dustin, Michael, and yes, so many, many more.

We thought a little bit about naming our first child something trendy. Just a little bit. Tiffany was on the list. We ended up using a name unique, but also one to find on a coffee mug or a key chain thingie. So our kids also got middle names they could use in case they didn’t like the first name.

On the second go around, we decided we should maybe pay some respect to our grandparents.

There you go new moms and dads. Skip the movie stars. Go with history.

And 15 years from now nobody will care.

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