Commentary – Kenney got our backs?

Jeff Burgar

Stay home! Lock your doors! Talk to your friends and relatives only by Zoom, Skype, Facetime, and if you are old-fashioned, telephone!

Get somebody to deliver your groceries. Have them dropped off on your doorstep or down on the driveway. Double wash each and every package, wrapper, spud, veggie, fruit and tin can.


Got to be safe, you know!

Business owners in Ontario ask a right proper question to government about all this these days. As in, the fact is, you don’t even know where 70 per cent of the COVID cases come from. So why are you shutting everybody down? Shouldn’t you try to first figure out what is causing COVID spread? Then stop whatever it is?

Well, sure! Easy enough to say from the sidelines!

Still a perfectly fair question though.

Why even ask the question? After all, those high-priced experts roaming the political corridors of power, including the politicians who hired them, must have had exactly these thoughts cross their minds. Right?

Either it did, and after nine months of COVID pandemic rocking the planet, the brain trusts still don’t have an answer. Or it is just now starting to sink in that “Hey, maybe that is really good information that might save lives.”

Or, our tin foil hat now on, maybe too many people in power just don’t want to know. Hmmm!

Right off the bat early this year, and for months after, American president Donald Trump was accused of being racist and xenophobic. He closed American borders to travel from China. Same ridiculous accusations from the anti-Trump biased media when he called COVID-19 the Wuhan virus. Diseases and variants are traditionally named after where they first appear. That was completely ignored in the Trump hatred.

Canadian media all too often parrots and copies what comes out of the States. It would only be a surprise if some kind of race or genetic based condition turned out to be a source of COVID. And then, that news was not turned into some kind of ethnic discrimination by rabid, frothing at the mouth media.

Heck, what if it turns out that bald guys, or people who need eyeglasses, are super-spreaders of COVID?

In all this, our Alberta premier has turned into the Kenney That Stole Christmas. Actually, just kidding! Not even close.

In fact, kudos to Kenney for keeping stores open. Kudos for cutting retail shops down to 15 per cent capacity. This might help level the playing field against big box stores. Even if it doesn’t, the thinking is in the right place.

Next steps, if possible, put a big provincial sales tax on American companies like Amazon and Netflix. After that, please keep the help coming for all the 50,000 Alberta small businesses struggling or going under because of slowdowns and shutdowns.

This all isn’t over yet, not by a long shot.

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