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Chris Clegg

Ever see something and wonder why it is the way it is?
Usually, we forget about it before we have a chance to ask Miss Google, who knows everything! She’s even smarter than a wife or girlfriend!
I stumbled across an article the other day which answered one of those questions: why do most contests except government lotteries ask skill-testing questions?
Before the answer is divulged, isn’t it interesting many of these questions really do not involve any skill at all? Gee whiz, a five-year-old could answer most of them, except for Hank on Corner Gas, who doesn’t know Ottawa is the capital of Canada.
Anyway, it all has to do with gambling. It seems to keep the sponsors of the contests out of court, unless specifically exempted under the Criminal Code of Canada, they might be charged with running an illegal game of chance. So the need for a skill testing question. If the winner demonstrates a skill, it is not a prohibited lottery by legal definition. No matter how easy the question.
Oh, those lawyers!
Gosh, this raises a lot of questions. Does that mean the local sports teams or community groups can get fined or tossed in the clink for running 50/50 draws? Or do the authorities just look the other way because it’s a pain in the behind to prosecute and besides, who the heck actually cares!
It might be another question for Miss Google!
Here are a few more.
Do people who get lost actually walk in circles because they are right-handed or lefthanded, i.e. they take slightly larger steps one way?
There is no research to prove this.
Why aren’t there seatbelts in buses?
Stats show it is 16 times safer to be in school bus than to buckle up into a family car. Apparently, buses are designed sturdier so passengers are not hurled through a windshield, against a dashboard or out a door.
But what about a fire when the driver has to undo seatbelts for the unconscious? That’s another story.
Questions, questions, questions!
If a team gives 110 per cent, aren’t there too many players on the team?
If plants that are green are healthy, how come when humans turn green they are sick?
Remember those old clocks? How come the third hand is called the second hand?
If organized crime makes so much money, why not let them run the government?
Why do sour cream and bottled water have expiry dates?
I confess. The last few are courtesy of the Confused Philosopher on Royal Canadian Air Farce.
Why do Americans say Zed and Canadians say Zee?
Did you know it is illegal to practice voodoo in Canada. Apparently, it falls under witchcraft in the Criminal Code.
And why do leaves change colour in fall? Actually, the shorter days and cool nights cause chlorophyll (the matter in trees causing green) to break down causing the other colours in each leaf to show. The colour of the leaf depends on which other pigments are most plentiful and the type of tree.
There is one other question even Miss Google cannot explain. What logical explanation is there to vote for Justin Trudeau?

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