Commentary – It’s a life to enjoy!

Jeff Burgar

Let’s get this straight. Spring is here!

Oh sure, there is a skiff of snow sneaking around, after those lovely warm days coming up to mid-March. But that’s nothing new. We get snow sometimes in April. And sometimes in May.

Heck, Winnipeg once got snow in July! Did we all run for the shelters, saying another Ice Age is on the way? Not at all!

As far as we’re concerned, winter, such as it was, is now a memory. Oh, there are still ice huts on Lesser Slave Lake. They have until March 31 to be off the ice. And I still have my winter tires on my truck. Just in case, you know. The tire shop likes me for wearing out the rubber on dry pavement. And there might be skiing in some places.

But overall, this year the groundhogs were correct. Winter did end six weeks after Feb. 2. Thank you my furball friends! Or more correctly, thank you Mother Nature!

Other signs of winter being over are reports from northeastern American states birds that wintered south are now showing up, much earlier than normal.

And in our province, coinciding with the arrival of spring, trade shows are happening. In mid-March, the Edmonton Sportsmen Show had three halls at Edmonton Expo Centre full. Good crowds, lots of hunting and camping and fishing displays. Plus several million dollars worth of new boats.

A few years ago even after Covid, there were lots of empty spaces in the main boat hall. This year, boats were jammed side to side. And filled one hall and spilled into a second. Lots of optimism out there! Sales will be made.

Also, this weekend just past was the Edmonton Home and Garden Show. Both the Sportsmen Show and the Home Show are the largest of their type in Alberta, passing even Calgary shows.

But let’s not forget our own local shows coming up.

The Peace River Trade Show is coming just over two weeks from now on April 12-13. That is followed the next weekend by the High Prairie Sportsmen and Gun Show on April 20-21.

If attendance turnout and exhibitors at the Edmonton shows are any indication, both these local shows should be better than ever. Mark the days on your calendar and take the shows in.

One sour note in all this is lack of snowpack both in farm fields and woodlands. Already, lakes are at low levels, even lower than what was seen in 2023. It’s going to take some serious rain to bring moisture levels every where up to any kind of normal levels.

Our ‘back of the napkin’ thoughts are, climate change has cooler springs and warmer falls and winters. That is even without the impacts of La Nina and El Nino.

This past winter, I was under the impression La Nina was winding down and El Nino starting.

Apparently, I am wrong about this!

News reports said El Nino is actually winding down and that cycle of La Nina is long gone. All in all, the news said we should be back to some kind of average weather this fall. OK!

As always, we take the seasons one day at a time, and enjoy each day as it happens.

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