Commentary – I really feel alone

Jeff Burgar

Hey there! You! The person who keeps saying, “We are all in this together!”

I want you to tell me if Amazon is in this. I want to know if the online movie and show people like Amazon [again] and Disney and Netflix and Hulu are really in this.

I want to know if those “fulfillment” warehouses right across Canada, full of 6,000 people, each, all shipping boxes are in this.

I want to know if all those parcels and goodies and packages coming from FedEx and DHL and Purolator and Canada Post have all been quarantined and locked up so the boxes, and the workers, don’t spread COVID.

Well? Actually, this whole idea of “essential services” being allowed to open, while thousands of small and large businesses, from Joey’s Diner to Air Canada, across Canada have to lock their doors, is absolutely and without doubt, disgusting.

Now, the experts want to do it all over again. Doctors in Alberta are calling for a two-week “circuit breaker” lockdown. Your local watering hole and coffee shop will shut down.

But the fast food place down the street can keep on slinging burgers and fries! Grocery stores get to stay open! So do liquor stores!

If we are really going to “lock down,” let’s get serious. As in, de-alcohol beer and wine only. Healthy cottage cheese and all-bran cereal only, which has to be ordered in advance, and picked up at the door of the local No Frills or equivalent. No more wandering the aisles, picking up chocolate bars, snacks, fried chicken and pillows and tools.

Lay off half of all government workers! Same with politicians! All can go on Unemployment!

Sorry, folks! We’re all in this together, ya know!

If Jane and John Doe at the local eat-in or gym are going broke, everyone else should take a haircut too.

It’s said one in seven business in Canada is going to go bankrupt because of shutdowns, lockdowns and part closings.

That’s an understatement. Coming is the Christmas season. For many businesses, both big and small, anywhere from 40 to 70 per cent of their annual sales happen in the next five weeks. Moonlight Madness sales? Boxing Day specials? Gift card sales? Loading up on Christmas presents?

Oh, sure! Just buy them all online or at Amazon!

All in this together? Those guys don’t even pay taxes! It would all ring better if, along with some of that government help, we all got a couple shares of Amazon and Netflix to tide us over a bit.

Meanwhile, the recent surge in COVID cases was mapped out, in colour no less, by the Ontario government. Cities like Toronto are “code red.” A few high density places are orange and yellow. All are in big cities. The vast majority of Ontario? All happy green!

But city folk experts call for a province-wide lockdown!

Getting sick of that, “We’re all in this together” yet?

Of course you are! Because no matter how it gets sliced, it sure isn’t that way in real life.

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