Commentary – Graduating to the next stage

Richard Froese

Weather is warming up and another school year is winding down.
Students will soon be out of class. High school graduation ceremonies will be back under the public spotlight after official full-scale celebrations the past two years were cancelled by COVID-19 restrictions.
Congratulations to all students who graduate from high schools in the High Prairie, Falher, Peace River and Slave Lake regions.
It’s been a challenge and struggle during the pandemic with restrictions that seemed to be disruptive and challenging. Classes were online for a few weeks, then back in school, and the trend continued; at school, at home. . .
Going to school in the past two years has been a journey of uncertainty.
However, it has further prepared students and graduates to handle and cope with more challenges in the next stages of life. People have learned from many new experiences in school, business, family and life in general the last two years.
Today’s graduates will be able to use lessons learned from COVID to move forward in life and to help other people.
COVID and the restrictions have also created another great opportunity in the workforce.
A labour shortage in various fields of employment has opened doors for graduates and young adults to find jobs more easily. Graduates can use their passions, skills, experiences, determination and some further education to reach their goals to enter their chosen field of work or career.
All the best in the next phase of your life as you become leaders of the future wherever you are planted!
Graduating from high school is the greatest milestone in the journey for young people, to complete what many students may consider are 13 gruelling years.
Yet, they are rewarding years when graduates reflect on their school days many years down the road.
After they graduate, students will learn their basic years of education prepared them to flourish as responsible adults who will positively contribute to society, in their families, communities and out in the world.
From kindergarten to Grade 12, your teachers and educational experiences have groomed you to become mature young adults ready to influence people wherever you are and whatever you do in your career.
While education starts in the home with parents teaching values and morals, schools are also a key pillar in the education of youth.
Every adult in the community has and can play a vital role to nurture children and youth right from an early age. Children and students often look up to adults as mentors and role models.
Whether we have children in the school system or not, let’s be positive examples to our younger generation to follow. Show youth that you care, love and respect them for who they are. Take a proactive approach to make friends with a child and youth to help them.
As children see more supportive adults and parents, they, too, will want to grow up to be like those role models.
When more people, from younger generations to seniors, show more respect for themselves, others and the community, life can be so much better, healthier and safer for everyone. Over time and generations, it will make schools and communities more attractive to help build a stronger future.
Education is never-ending in our journey of lifelong learning.
Whether you’re a young student, or an adult long out of high school, something new in life always comes along to help stretch us, strengthen us and make us a better person for our world of influence.

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