Commentary – Good luck with that

Jeff Burgar
I have no clue who are Byron Nelson or Richard Starke.

As far as I am concerned, this is good. Of course, I also hope, they are not serial killers, pedophiles, bankruptees, religious fanatics, persons living from paycheque to paycheque or a whole host of other unwelcome possibilities.

There are many things which would not bode well, just in case one of these two fine gentlemen happened to end up running our fine province of Alberta.

Because, in case you did not recognize the names, these two are one of three wanting to be leader of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party.
Which means, if that party wins the election in 2019, he would be premier of Alberta.

The chances of doing that seem remote, far remote, and even further remote. Unless perhaps, a merger is done with the Alberta Wildrose Party. This is the only chance many say, of defeating Alberta’s present governing party, the New Democrats.

I think that sums up the whole state of politics here in Alberta. We have the New Democrats, in many ways still green as grass, running not too bad a show.

The loyal opposition here is mainly one old party voters are finally tired of, after 44 years of their rule. The other main party is a sort of new party. Neither have many members.

One is led by a career politician who jumped federal politics to further his ambitions in provincial politics, and has not done badly. The other party is led by a career politician who jumped federal politics to further his ambitions in provincial politics, and has yet to make a dent. Their names are Brian Jean and Jason Kenney, respectively.

Naturally, one has to ask either one why any voter would believe each has the interest of our province at heart, only that as long as it helps each of their interests?

That’s a fair question, and seems to be answered just in the actions. Mostly, anything to grab power.

Brian Jean never made headway in Ottawa, saw opportunity at home, so he came back to Alberta. Jason Kenney, who was close to being Stephen Harper’s right hand man, lost the levers of power in Ottawa, so he came back home also.

And how did all their efforts in Ottawa work out for Alberta? Pipelines? Equalization payments? Softwood lumber? Veterans? Defence? And so much more.

Now that Harper is gone and federal Conservatives are out of power, here you show up in Alberta, promising good times are just around the corner. Nice. Thank you for coming to save us.

In fact, bless all four of you. Byron Nelson, Richard Starke, Jason Kenney and Brian Jean for saying you will save us. However, I know who Premier Rachel Notley is.

While her record isn’t perfect, it’s already better than what we got from Alison Redford, Danielle Smith, and even a bit of Ed Stelmach. Why should we believe any of you four can do better?

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