Commentary – Glad we got that over!

Chris Clegg

Let’s be honest. Is there any more silly celebration that dressing up in costumes and going door-to-door asking for candy?


No matter, as long as people have fun in a safe way, who cares what others think?

Let’s get on with a real celebration: Christmas!

Anyone reading this probably gets a bit more than tired of writers complaining about the commercialization of Christmas. We will be bombarded with Christmas sales and specials for the next six weeks until Christmas. Buy, buy, buy! Merchants need to make all the money they can off the consumer while they can. The corporate world certainly tugs at the heartstrings of the consumer during the holiday season.

It is all a bit much and it does seem to drag on by the time Christmas finally arrives.

When I was a child years ago the holiday season started in mid-December. School concerts and a community concert were the big shows. The town decorated as did some homes. We never really went all-out in our yard with decorations but we always had a nice tree. My sisters usually loved decorating the tree. Me, not so much. What a Scrooge!

Today, we begin celebrating well over a month earlier. As soon as Halloween is over, out come the decorations. Parties and concerts are planned. Family get-togethers. It is a wonderful time of year.

Anyone complaining this is all too much should really step back and examine what is going on. Let me suggest that all this hoopla and commercialization is only adding – yes, adding – to the celebration, not taking away from it.

I have a difficult time believing that the long, long Christmas celebration takes away from the true meaning of Christmas: the birth of Christ. Sometimes it seems the church is engaged in a losing battle with society in making people recognize what Christmas is all about.

No show better depicts that than the Charlie Brown Christmas special when Charlie Brown begs someone to tell him what Christmas is all about. It is only after all the lights have shone and the concert is over does Linus quote Scripture.

In no way whatsoever does the six weeks leading up to Christmas affect the way any true Christian celebrates. The real meaning of Christmas is never lost on them.

Meanwhile, the average Dick and Jane on the street may enjoy all the non-Christian celebrations that tag along with Christmas, but deep down they really know the real reason. I cannot believe for a moment that is a bad thing.

Let the celebration begin in November and all of December! Enjoy the concerts and the parties! Enjoy Christmas in your own special way and all that it offers to Christians and non-Christians.

Bring on the treats, visit that man in the red suit, decorate the house, pretend that reindeer actually fly and give in to that time of year when giving to charities is at its highest. Christmas does tend to bring out the best in mankind in fellowship to aiding the local food bank and other charities.

Because deep down, when Dec. 25 rolls around, we all know what this is all about. No amount of hoopla, lights, parties and decorations can take that away.

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