Commentary – Footsteps really count

Jeff Burgar

Arguing with one’s “better half” should count as exercise.

Now, I think I get a decent workout during the week.

Take feeding the dog. It’s really hard bending down, picking up that doggie dish, then having to bend down four more times. Yes! Four! More! Times!

It’s a big dog. Once to get the scoop out of the big bag of food. Two more times bending down and filling the dish with two scoops. And last but not least, putting the dog dish [now full of food, so it’s heavy you know] back down on the floor.

Whew! Wears me out just telling you about it!

Then there’s looking out on the deck.

There’s a lot of mud tracked in this spring by the pooch. Talk about being exhausted, that really does it for me.

I bought a small pressure washer to help with the job.

The ‘small washer’ was because hauling the big one up the stairs to the deck was too much work.

I’m thinking the deck might get washed about July. Hopefully, by then enough rain will happen and it will wash away most of the dog tracks. So, looking and thinking about the deck adds say, 10 minutes of exercise per day to my workout. Heck, round it up to 15.

Now, I do walk the dog every day.

I shoot for one hour minimum. Since I live on an acreage, it’s a good day when puppy finds something to chase. Wears him out totally!

Wears me out even more yelling at him and chasing him when he spots a deer! I’ve seen on YouTube what deer can do to doggies. Not pretty at all.

Am I up to 90 minutes a day yet? Feels like it.

Toss in another 30 minutes jawboning with the spouse. Hey, two hours per day! Woo hoo! Counting brushing teeth, I’m a workout demon!

The reason I am thinking about this is a study I just read. It says seniors [anybody over 50, I think] can add, in six months of weight training, 2.9 pounds of new muscle.

Generally, muscle fades as you age.

This study says you can actually stop, and even reverse that. Bad news is, if for some reason you are bedridden, you can lose 3.1 pounds of muscle in just one week.

Six months to put muscle on. One week to lose it all and more. That is amazing.

My dad always said his “inner tube” wasn’t fat. It was “relaxed muscle”.

Partly right.

It was actually “withered muscle”.

The same study also said that for those bedridden people, in hospital or sick at home, just walking to the potty can help. Heading to the kitchen to eat instead of being served in bed helps.

All these little, tiny things that keep a person mobile can all add up.

Which is why I think jawboning with the spouse should count.

Now I’m going to move the TV remote over to another table. Changing channels all night should be good for another 20 minutes of workout. Man! I’m so proud of myself!

If you’re interested in more, search online for “4 Laws of Muscle” by Alex Hutchinson.

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