Commentary – Escape is no longer an option

Chris Clegg

Years ago Zag and Zog went on a hunt to provide for their families. They put on all the bearskins to keep warm and danced to all the clan rituals before leaving. Then they foraged into a dangerous world with primitive weapons to hunt.

Sometimes they returned home with a bounty. Sometimes the family went hungry. But no matter what, they were able to retreat to the warmth of the cave without distractions from the outside world.

When we look at our world today, we should be so lucky!

Citizens can’t go anywhere or do anything without suspicion. There are cameras and microphones everywhere. If it isn’t government watching your every move, how about people with their iPhones and such ready to record your every move.

There was a case recently where a Tennessee cheerleader was booted from the university after someone produced a recording when she was 16. It was held against her. For any teenager alive today thinking that any post they make will not potentially have dire future consequnces, they must think again.

More and more, there are cameras all around towns and cities put there to deter criminal activity. It is not a bad thing.

I guess when you are out in public anything is fair game. It is, after all, the public.

But in the home? Personally, I enjoy my sports on radio and TV. It is a terrific vehicle to get away from the turmoil in the world. It provides an escape from the real world so one can digress into a fantasy world that has no bearing on my real life. Others watch movies with similar effect.

But social media has changed the way sports is covered. We can no longer watch the games for the thrill of the games. All the pro leagues bombard us with political messages of their choice. The escape from reality is gone.

I totally get that sports is a powerful tool that can be tapped to promote a political agenda. It is used because it is effective and it is not going away. I ask you: who would be more effective promoting a message to a 14-year-old boy not to wear a mask during the COVID pandemic: Dr. Deena Hinshaw or Connor McDavid? Yes, people, there is a reason sport stars and celebrities are hired to convey their messages. Hinshaw and Premier Jason Kenney could learn something.

Sheesh! Did I digress!

The point is, no longer can I tune into a sports event to enjoy just the game to have broadcasters and analysts talk only about the game. Political causes [many of them very worthy] find their way into the broadcast but it is something I can do without. I watch the games to escape the real world, not be part of it.

I guess it is why so many people can still enjoy a good book or magazine. It is the one vehicle where the reader has the choice to be completely free, assuming the choice of material is non-political.

TV is not the end-all of good entertainment. Many families still do not have TV at home and do quite well, thank you.

Zag and Zog may not have TV to watch, but they are spared the events going on in the next valley? Many times I wish I was as fortunate.

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