Commentary – Dumb and dumber

Jeff Burgar

Although it seems like we Canadians have only two “real” political parties, Liberals and Conservatives, in fact we have more. New Democrats. Greens. Bloc. Maxine Bernier’s party, which is so famous we can’t remember its name.

If Canada ever gets around to what they call “proportional representation” we might see even more parties. In that kind of voting system, every party that meets a certain threshold gets seats according to their portion of the vote. No “winner take all.”

Our often friendly neighbours to the south usually split their votes between Democrats and Republicans. Almost to a man or woman, American media leans towards the Democrats. Which means, most literally hated Donald Trump as president, him being a Republican and maybe more importantly, not part of the inside groups in Washington.

Thus we have news last week the COVID-19 vaccination program is mostly a shambles. Vaccines are expiring. Vaccines are not being used. Vaccines are getting to prisoners in jail before seniors in care homes. American media, and even new president Joe Biden, happily blames this on Trump.

As mentioned several times in the past few months, the American federal government is not in charge of vaccinations. Individual states handle this.

And guess which states are doing the worst job? Democrat led states!

So of course, media has to find someone else to blame. No pointing at friends in Democrat state governments.

So of course, the fingers all point to Trump. Orange Man, you da man! Evil man, you scoundrel! All your fault!

Here in Canada, we get much the same news. When it comes to America, our Canadian media usually picks up feeds and tidbits from the liberal left media in the States.

CBC is sometimes unwatchable. CTV and Global, our other two national TV networks, head in that direction. There are the three major newspapers in Canada, Toronto Star and its spinoffs, then the Globe and Mail, and then Post Media group, [National Post, Edmonton Journal and Sun and many weeklies in Alberta.] Only the National Post is even close to being reasonably conservative. That is to say, Post newspapers don’t usually fawn and preen over Canada’s own Liberal government as do so many others.

American President Joe Biden says he is going to make sure vaccinations are ramped up right across the states. Which is interesting. As said, the federal government has little to do with vaccination programs. So how does he expect to manage all this?

The last we heard, Amazon has stepped forward offering to help. Wow! Socialist [Democrat] state governments in the wealthiest nation on earth are so far proving they can’t run vaccination programs.

But a private company says they can. Something is really screwy here!

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