Commentary – ‘COVID-19 ended an hour ago’

Richard Froese

“O Canada!”

“The True North, strong and free.”

“God keep our land glorious and free.”

Those are some lines in our national anthem.

Canada Day on July 1 traditionally kicks off the summer to celebrate our great nation and freedoms.

Most people may be wondering – what freedoms?

Our familiar freedoms to gather and celebrate in 2020 have been held hostage by restrictions in the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

Shortly after the pandemic was declared March 11 by the World Health Organization, Canada and the world went into lockdown and everyone was ordered to keep their distance.

However, restrictions are slowly being relaxed in Alberta and other parts of Canada as the number of cases and deaths is lowered and controlled.

Our national anthem O Canada celebrates our freedoms. Thinking of that popular tune, when was the last time you heard the national anthem at a live major event with a crowd of people?

Probably not since major sports leagues shut down after the pandemic was declared.

When we sing or hear the word “free” in our anthem, what comes to mind?

How do we want to be free?

Canadians want to be free from the COVID-19 health restrictions that have turned our world into a separatist society – six feet apart.

Canadians want to be free to be close with their friends and distant families.

Canadians want to be free to hug their friends and family or even shake hands.

Canadians want to be free to celebrate their community, country and culture at local gatherings that can draw up to several hundred people at one site.

Canadians want to be free to work at their place of employment, not from home, to be a valuable contributor to their community and country.

Canadians want to be free to show their smiling happy faces that many people have covered by their masks to help spread the risk and spread of COVID-19.

Canadians want to be free at their places of worship. Some people may see no end in sight for the restrictions and the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have heard many people talk about the pandemic and the restrictions as the new normal, the new norm. What a pretty pessimistic perspective!

Speak life into killing and conquering COVID-19.

Speak life into life without the risks of COVID-19 and the restrictions.

Speak life into killing a second wave.

COVID-19 and the restrictions are only temporary, just months, not years, until a vaccine is found or the virus is killed. Some experts suggest an effective vaccine will be discovered and available in early 2021.

Many other pandemics in history have ended and everyone went back to their normal way of life before the pandemic and restrictions.

Have faith that the future is not futile.

I trust my dream on June 20 will come true sooner than later.

In the dream, I was going back to church for Sunday service June 21 for the first time since March 15. When I entered the church, two people I know handed out notices with a simple message of good news.

“COVID-19 ended an hour ago.”

Let’s all do our part to make that dream come true, sooner rather than later.

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