Commentary – Clouds, stars and sweet clover

Chris Clegg

Back to work after three weeks of holidays!

What a wonderful three weeks it was! No only for me, but also the staff! Ha, ha!

After constant rain all spring and summer, July 27 was hot and sunny. It remained that way for virtually the entire three weeks. Hot, sunny days and nights spent around a blazing fire roasting and eating hotdogs, garlic sausage and smokies. Toss in some watermelon, good B.S. with the family, baseball games on the radio and an enjoyable night was complete.

I’ve traveled a bit during holidays but to no great extend. Not counting a trip to Mexico, the Queen Charlotte Islands is the farthest I’ve gone. Been there twice and was fascinated by the history and culture. I am certainly not a world traveler.

This year, I took a liking to just driving around and seeing the country. One day I went to Red Earth Creek just because I hadn’t been there for over 20 years and wanted to see it. Nice little hamlet. With snacks and baseball games on the radio in hand!

Coming back from visiting in Fairview I took the drive and for the first time went to Jean Cote. Another trip home I was sidetracked to the metropolis of Reno. The Reno by Peace River, not the gambling city in Nevada. I went to the Harmon Valley fairgrounds to just have a look and made the yearly trek to Manning.

I got to see how the crops were in each area and enjoyed places I had never been. I was surprised to see how many old buildings were still standing at Reno. Lots of history preserved there!

Amongst plenty of trips to the store for ice cream or slushes, there was more than ample time to relax. Have you ever stopped to wonder just how beautiful the big, white puffy clouds are, coupled with a bit of a cool breeze on a hot day?

And at night, the beautiful stars. I like trying to find satellites amidst the heavens. Did not see the comet, however. As for the stars, dreaming of other stars like our sun, with planets and life abound. With so many stars, so many galaxies, there must be other life.

The next day, back to driving. I enjoy the smell of sweet clover in the ditches, the smell of freshly-plowed earth, the fresh air after a sudden shower. I enjoy freshly-cut hay, grass and the flowers planted around the house.

It astounds me how intense these odours are because I don’t live in the city. Even in a small town like High Prairie, the smells of the country are immensely better than those in town. I feel pity for those who don’t leave the city to enjoy what we take for granted: fresh air!

We are always reminded we never seem to take the time and enjoy the simpler thing in life. In the 21 days I was on holidays, I felt I did that and it was well worth it.

The world is still a wonderful place despite the horrible things like COVID going on. It is all around us. You just have to get out there and make the effort to enjoy it.

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