Commentary – A win for the good guys

Jeff Burgar

I’m one of those people who usually has a bunch of answers. When the going is good, it’s all because of my skills, knowledge and ability. When the going gets bad – well – it’s that guy over there at fault. Or the jerks in government. Or the wind wasn’t quite right or the sun was in my eyes. If that sounds familiar, welcome to our club.
I was thinking along such lines last week when news reported that Freedom George was released. For those just now visiting Planet Earth, Freedom George was part of the spring trucker convoy parked in front of Parliament in Ottawa. As was observed by, I think Rex Murphy, among the many sins of George and his partners in the heinous crimes, they cleaned trash from the streets, bought hotdogs from street vendors, and – horrors! – had weaponized their vehicle horns in such a manner as to strike fear into politicians far and wide.
Just short of nuclear capability in fact, according to the news media of Central Canada. Who, it was also observed, lost their collective minds reporting on the convoy.
Freedom George, also known as Tyson George Billings of High Prairie, Alta., was charged with a host of foul deeds. On his release, all charges but one were dropped. His penalty was time served in jail. George says he will now return to catch up work on the family farm.
So, like the team that wins because of their superb play, or the business leader or politician who displays statesman like skills, this judge, and prosecutors, got it right. No need to blame the referees over a loss. Or business conditions. Or even Mike Duffy, the bonehead who wangled a Senate appointment from former prime minister Stephen Harper. Here is a court that knows its business. Freedom George, go home in peace!
According to my own interpretation of the convoy, the whole thing could have been cleared by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He only had to visit protesters. Instead, he lost his own mind, hid in the basement, and finally invoked the Emergencies Act. Canada got a demonstration of arrogance, fear, stupidity and buffoonery instead of a demonstration of statesmanship and leadership.
The so-called Peter Principle is in action. The Principle reads, “In a hierarchy, people tend to rise to their level of incompetence. And then a little bit more.”
Like the Saskatchewan judge telling a rural council to investigate itself, there is also the judge in California who ruled a bumblebee is actually a fish. Maybe both judges were just drawing attention to badly written laws. One can always hope!
Or maybe just another demonstration, as well meaning as Trudeau probably thinks he was with the Emergencies Act, showing the Peter Principle in action.
For Trudeau, place as evidence all his life both before and during politics. Blackface, kneeling with a teddy bear, Emergencies Act, ongoing COVID restrictions, Mr. Dressup in India and so much more.
Freedom George is a model citizen by comparison.
Welcome home Tyson!

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