Commentary – A special time, a special place

Chris Clegg

I pity the people who live near the equator in sunny climates. Hot every day, day after day, week after week, year after year.

Really! I guess I’m just one of those crazy guys who doesn’t mind a cold wind now and then and a big dump of snow. So what if the road is a bit icy, or if spring and fall are just not quite warm enough so you still need a jacket.

The fact is I love the seasons. I love the variety, I love what each offers. I look forward to each and curse the last because I’m ready for something new. Every year, I get to enjoy them again. It is a joy of living where we do.

Spring is a time when the first warm days feel exhilarating. The first days the sun shines down with its glorious radiance where there is actually some heat is like magic. I love watching and hearing the birds come back, the green grass grow and the leaves come out. The world seems to come back to life after its winter slumber in all it spectacular splendour.

Sure, spring exists in hot climates but not to the extent we enjoy.

Then we get summer. The hot days actually have some people complaining of cooler weather, quickly forgetting the -40C of last December. The beautiful long days where the sun shines until almost midnight. I can’t tell you how many people from the south come to live and/or work here and are totally amazed how long the summer days are here.

And, actually quite jealous! You don’t get that down south where it’s dark at suppertime every day!

The spectacular colours of fall and the cooling off of the days after a hot summer, I find invigorating. It’s like being zapped with new energy after a lazy summer. And like spring, is there a better sound than the honking of Canada Geese in fall?

As for dreaded winter, is it really that bad? Sure, we get a few days – sometime weeks – of brutal cold but we slog through it. Put on a heavier jacket, sunshine!

Besides, winter gives us snow and a new multitude of recreation opportunities to enjoy. Hockey, skating, even the odd snowball fight. Who doesn’t remember playing road hockey as a child? The dark nights lets us enjoy the northern lights even more so that summer.

What I’m trying to say is that life up here in the north gives us the opportunity to enjoy such a wide variety of activities related to the season. The truth is, no matter what the season, each gives a unique opportunity to explore and enjoy life.

There may be a time when I’ll want to go south, but it will be only for a visit. I must be weird that way, it seems like everyone wants to live in the tropics.

Well, they can have it! They can have their endless days of heat coupled with the risk of hurricane or typhoon. They can have endless days of sitting on the beach or around the pool.

Give me the seasons. Let me enjoy my hot chocolate around a winter fire instead of a cool drink around the pool. Hey, both are great, but I’m just saying. Give me what each season offers and I will enjoy it.

Life is indeed pretty good up here!

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