Commentary – A short hop to happiness

Jeff Burgar

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

It is an interesting question for both young and old alike. In the end, most of us are just sort of leaves in the wind, happy to go where life and opportunity might take us.

We are curious how Meghan and Harry, the former Duchess and Duke of Sussex, made their minds to head to Canada. While Vancouver is said to be their first choice, there are rumours Meghan wants to move closer to Hollywood. Perhaps hoping to restart her film acting career, which was rudely interrupted by a Royal wedding and children?

“Pity,” as upper-class whomevers might be prone to say about this dilemma. Then they move on to another round of golf, tea and drinks at three. Where, after suitable gossip is shared, plans for an after dinner soiree are finalized. Or perhaps plans for a jet ride to Martha’s Vineyard, to visit with Barack and Michelle in their new place there.

I often mention the Five Pillars of Community in matters such as these. Although, I have to admit, it seems trivial when we are talking The Royals. Quality of Education. Recreation Opportunities. Safety. Health Care. Business Opportunities. For folks like you and me, if we are moving far to a new home, we will think of all these things. Not our new career in the movies.

The pillars are also current economic development thinking. The price of a new house is not a biggie. In fact, if a new neighbourhood is low-cost, probably there are good reasons. Such as recreation is really good, but it is mostly stealing cars and breaking into homes. Health care is fantastic. Even the lowliest orderly at the hospital can fix a gunshot wound. That kind of stuff!

I don’t think Meghan and Harry are much concerned with such details. But one never knows. Rumour does have it they only have about $30 million or so in savings to tide them over.

It hardly seems likely that Meghan will suddenly land a sweet part in a new Friends or Big Bang Theory show. There, info says top stars like Jennifer Aniston or Kayley Cuoco made $1 million an episode.

And besides, just how far can money like that go? By the time income tax is paid, travel to relatives [do you know what First Class costs?] a nanny, cook, housekeeper, dog-walker, groundskeeper, personal trainer and more are paid, well, there is hardly anything left over for those soirees. Never mind tea. Next thing you know, both Harry and Meghan them will be shopping at Valoo Villawshge. Where, just for your own info, I myself have found interesting items. Besides, “stars” in new shows were “only” paid $20,000 or so per episode. Baby potatoes!

But put all the pillars, money and shopping and scenic views aside. What really floats almost all our boats is being around relatives, family, and good friends, no matter where we are.

Home really is where our hearts are.

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