Club Etoile in Girouxville holds annual general meeting

Above, members of the Club Etoile in Girouxville celebrating their birthdays and an anniversary in November. In front, left-right, are Lionel Begin, Paul Benoit, Simone Fontaine, and Marie-Ange and Henri Boivin (the couple celebrated their 65th anniversary on November 24). In back, left-right, are Laurier Ouellette, Gerard Blanchette, Gerard Dubois and Raymond Begin.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

For those 45 and over interested in joining the Club Etoile, membership is only $15 per year and younger members are encouraged to sign up.

Cecile Brulotte, the president of the Club Etoile in Girouxville, highlighted this as part of her presentation at the organization’s annual general meeting on November 22.

“We definitely need younger members, as we are losing some of our older members, either moving away or unfortunately passing on,” says Brulotte.

There weren’t enough members present for a quorum. However, a motion was passed to continue with the meeting.

Other highlights of her presentation included the Fun Day, crib tournaments and monthly potluck dinners.

She also noted that on February 16, the Club Etoile hosted a group of Grade 6 students from Montrose French Immersion School in Grande Prairie. The club entertained them by playing carpet bowling, crib and pool, while speaking French with them.

Brulotte’s report was accepted as presented.

Also during the AGM, Doris Ouellette read the minutes of the 2017 AGM, as well as the regular and casino financial reports. All were accepted as presented.

A new board member was appointed, Hector Parent. Two others, Simone Fontaine and Henreiette Turcotte, have agreed to renew their roles for another three years.

The auditors were also appointed for 2019 – Doris Benoit, Paul Henley and Charles Mackell.

A potluck dinner was held prior to the AGM, and the birthdays for November and one anniversary were also announced.


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