Club Alouette holds Seniors Fun Day

The Club Alouette in Falher held their annual Seniors Fun Day on March 3. The activities included snooker pool, carpet bowling and a cribbage tournament.10 MO ClubAlouette-CarpetBowling(THREE-COLUMN)

10 MO ClubAlouette-SnookerPool(THREE-COLUMN)

10 MO ClubAlouette-CribTournamentWinners(THREE-COLUMN)Pictured above are the winners of the cribbage tournament. Left-right are Annette Blanchette and Katie Anderson (first); Colette Pele and Ray St. Jean (second); and Doris Benoit and Leon Hebert (third).

10 MO ClubAlouette-CarpetBowling1(TWO-COLUMN)Pictured above are the first place winners in carpet bowling. Left-right are Marie Ouellette, Roger Lambert, Cecile Lambert and Rita St. Arnault.10 MO ClubAlouette-CarpetBowling2(TWO-COLUMN)Pictured above are the second place winners in carpet bowling. Left-right are Jeanette Cinq-Mars, France Duquette, Florence Lamarche and Gertrude Levasseur.10 MO ClubAlouette-CarpetBowling3(TWO-COLUMN)Pictured above are the third place winners in carpet bowling. Left-right are Diann Rondeau, Cecile Dickner, Pierrette L’abbe and Paul Dubrule.

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