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Chris Clegg

I received an interesting phone call last week asking if I was attending the ABO Wind open house at Jean Cote Nov. 1. I replied I did plan on attending.

Then I was asked if I was in favour of the project.

To be clear, the caller was not the writer of the letter on this page.

I told the caller what I have told everyone else.

This is not a simple matter. There are arguments supporting both sides of the story. If one side want to turn a blind eye to the others’ concerns, so be it. It is just too bad that the M.D. of Smoky River council is caught in the middle to make a decision. But that’s what they signed up for, so don’t shed any tears for them.

From my perspective, taking a stand is simple. I do not have one. I have not researched the matter to any extent enough to make an informed decision. There is a plethora of published information (some call it lies!) supporting and against wind projects. How the heck am I supposed to know what is right and what is wrong?

Furthermore, I do not live near a wind farm, I do not know anyone who has lived near a wind farm, yet I listen to opinions from people who also don’t live near them. My point is it is best to experience the situation first-hand or rely on someone you trust. I am not in that position.

I have also never trusted industry to tell the entire truth regarding a project the want to proceed with because they have a vested interest. As far as the federal government goes with their studies on green projects, I apply the same. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will say anything to advance his green agenda. It leaves me extremely skeptical.

The only thing I do admire and respect in this matter is the M.D. of Smoky River council did tour southern Alberta wind farms to try and grasp the idea of the effect these farms have. Realizing this, they are far more informed to make a decision that I. At least they made the effort to educate themselves and hear from some (but not all, as the freely admit) people.

Want an opinion from me on wind farms? Not a chance. I do not have the expertise to make an informed opinion.

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