Clegg’s Corner – At what point should government step in?

Chris Clegg

The Million-Person March held Sept. 20 across Canada, including High Prairie, is worth noting.

One sign got my attention more than others. It questioned the government’s authority regarding parenting.

“Parents know what’s best for their children.”

In a perfect world, where there are only perfect parents, that would be true.

But we are not in a perfect world. Although almost all parents do a great job, there are in fact some lousy parents in this world. It is when government intervention is not only required, but desperately needed.

At the heart of the matter is schools can teach children certain “lessons” without the consent of the parents. That is wrong and an intrusion of parents’ rights.

Or at the very least, an extremely slippery slope.

When I was in school at Fairview, one such student decided to make a point. A question on his quiz said to explain evolution.

“I believe In God and I do not believe in evolution,” he wrote on the test.

The teacher explained he had errored in the phrasing of the question. It should have read, “Explain the theory of evolution.”

No doubt this boy’s parents had taught him their religious believes well. It is every parent’s right to bring their child up in a religious or non-religious home.

Now we’re led to the Million-Person March. For the most part, this was led locally by people who are religious. Many attending are set in their ways and have a clear direction on how to raise their children. The Bible, of course, plays a huge role.

So now we have a clash. One cannot blame the parents for taking a stand. They see interference in the duty they believe God has bestowed upon them as a slap in the face. They are not wrong.

The question is, “How did we arrive at this?”

Well, some politicians with an agenda are clearly driving this. It is why a protest is the right method to demand change. Peaceful, make your point, and hope it influences the decision makers.

As for the specific reasons of the protest, I actually don’t care. It does not affect me, but I do sympathize with the parents and an intrusion on their rights.

More and more, governments are intruding on the rights of the very citizens they elect. The “holier than thou” attitude that they know what’s best and the public be damned is only getting worse. Too many people in positions of power abuse their authority to impose their values on the rest of the population. These secretive people are very, very dangerous.

No pun intended, but “God bless” the protestors. I believe they are fighting a losing battle, but at least they will be heard.

“I feel that I am the guardian of my grandchildren and I parent them,” says protestor April Isadore.

“A lot of this has to do with taking away my guardian rights.”

Well said!

This, people, is the reason many parents choose to home school their children.

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