Editorial – The city of Surrey throws a “Party for the Planet”

Tom Henihan

Leave it to the folks in British Columbia’s lower mainland to throw a “Party for the Planet,” as a sizable number of self-ordained “Stewards of the Planet,” live in the land of lotus and unicorns.

But while the Party for the Planet provides entertainment and activities for the entire environmentally friendly family, it also has a strong commercial focus, as the stewards ply their wares while offering tutorials on such crucial issues as keeping your backyard trees “healthy and happy.”

How could any happy, environmentally aware, B.C. lower mainland homeowner tolerate an unhappy tree in his or her backyard?

There are workshops on innovation, environmental stewardship and social responsibility, presentations on “Sustainable Apparel Manufacturing,” and how to become a steward of Surrey’s urban forest in your own garden or balcony.

And if one still has energy to party after absorbing all that stewardship stuff, one can “engage and be inspired by a workshop on “how to use and maintain beeswax food wraps.”

Tupperware are also in on the act and promising to “ educate the attendees at Party for the Planet about the sustainability of their products and provide information on how to reduce their carbon footprint.” There environmental concern will focus on “Sustainability with Tupperware Eco Water Bottles”.

Any reason for a party is fine with me, but the self-righteousness, one-track mind of the crowd in the lower mainland, I imagine it is shaping up to be a very preachy soirée.

Their view of Earth is very different from mine: I accept that a responsible attitude to the environment is essential, but constantly treating the world as a sick puppy, deprives God’s creation of its vigor, its latent power and the capacity to renew and rejuvenate. This endless bedside vigil over a dying planet leaves me with no will to party.

TD Canada Trust is presenting the event, but I doubt that the planet party planners vetted TD’s green credentials, as it is unlikely that TD Bank, like all other banks, invests solely in environmentally friendly projects such as sustainable apparel manufacturing.

Of course, holding these largely symbolic events that have little or no real effect on the big environmental picture is always justified by saying it is to “create awareness of global warming and the environment.

This premise is transparently bogus, as creating awareness of our environmental woes is akin to creating awareness that Donald Trump is the president of the U.S: The truth is our awareness is perpetually stimulated because neither Trump nor environmentalists never shut up about their obsessions, though they are on different sides of the obsessive spectrum.

Earth Day Canada, under the slogan “Earth Day Every Day” is a faction of the same self-righteous movement as the “Party for the Planet,” organizers in Surrey B.C.

Under the slogan “Earth Day Every Day,” it is one of those relentless environmental groups that justify its existence by creating awareness and offering infantile programs about connecting with nature and the environment, albeit a sick and tired Mother Nature.


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