Celebrating 35 years in business, Boisvert Service Garage to hold open house in February

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

It was February 1981 when Raymond and Lorraine Boisvert bought the building in Girouxville that would become Boisvert Service Garage Ltd.
Now, 35 years later, the couple is planning to open their new building across the street, which has more room and office space than their current location. But that could be a few years off. (See photo on Page 9.)
Still, they have enjoyed working in their current location and will hold an open house in February to mark their 35 years in business.
“We have enjoyed working for ourselves for 35 years,” says Lorraine Boisvert, who handles the office tasks. “It hasn’t been easy, especially at the start. But we’ve built a reputation and a good business.”
Being bilingual helps with their Francophone customers, she adds.

They went into business for themselves, partly because they wanted the ability to spend time with their children.
Now, their children are mechanics in their own right.
Tina Boisvert has worked there for 12 years and is a licenced automotive mechanic.
Their son, Rene Boisvert, has spent 14 years in the family business. He is a licenced automotive and heavy-duty mechanic. He also handles all the field calls with their service truck.
The Boisverts also employ Alex Florence, a third-year apprentice mechanic. (Florence is not shown in the picture.)
Raymond Boisvert has spent 44 years as a mechanic. He and his wife want to leave the business as a legacy for their children.
Watch for an announcement in February about the open house.
For more information or to make an appointment with Boisvert Service Garage, please call (780) 323-4617.



From left, Raymond and Lorraine Boisvert; and Rene and Tina Boisvert.

The new building for Boisvert Service Garage Ltd. is just across the street from the existing operation. However, it will be several years before the Boisverts open in their new location.


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