Carbon rebates in the mail for households

Spotlight Staff
Carbon rebates will soon be in the mail as the province implements a carbon tax Jan. 1, 2017 under Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan.

“Six out of 10 Albertans will get a carbon rebate starting in January,” Environment Minister Shannon Phillips says in a news release dated Dec. 16.

Rebates will be provided to lower- and middle-income citizens to offset costs related to the carbon levy.

A rebate will be $200 for an adult, $100 for a spouse and $30 for each child, up to four children.

Full rebates will be provided to single adults who earn $47,500 a year or less, and couples and families who earn $95,000 or less.

For 2017, a full rebate would be $360 for a family with two children, $300 for a couple and $200 for a single.

For 2018, rebates rise to $540 for a family with two children, $450 for a couple and $300 for a single.

Indirect annual costs of the carbon levy to a household are estimated to range from $50 to $70 in 2017 and $70 to $105 in 2018.

Phillips spoke with more than 50,000 Albertans in two town hall events Dec. 13-14 about ways to save money with energy-efficiency measures.

“People are looking for ways to lower their energy consumption, and costs and revenue from the levy will be used to fund energy efficiency programs,” Phillips says.
“The rebate program will reward families that improve their energy efficiency by allowing them to keep the difference between the rebate and what they spend on fuels.”

All the revenue from the carbon levy will be reinvested in Alberta.

“That will help us diversify our economy, support jobs in construction and new industries like renewable energy, and help people and businesses save money,” Phillips says.
“Even with the carbon levy coming in on Jan. 1, Albertans will still have a tax advantage measured in the billions of dollars compared with other provinces.”

Quick facts about the Carbon Tax:
-Programs will encourage people to install energy-efficient lighting, hot-water fixtures and heating components in their homes.
-Albertans can get rebates for energy-efficient appliances and insulation for homes.
-Incentives will be offered for high-efficiency retrofits for businesses, non-profit organizations and institutions.
-Energy-efficiency rebate and incentive programs will start as early as spring 2017.

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