Can’t wait forever

Water meters must be changed, but staff will be urged to take every precaution

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Town of McLennan public works staff will be asked to take every precaution and change water meters in the town as soon as possible.

Council agreed to change the meters at its Sept. 14 meeting, but not without making sure staff are comfortable with its decision.

Council heard that about 40 meters need to be replaced. Currently, for residents whose meters are not working, the bill is estimated.

The issue quickly was, does council want employees to go into people’s homes during the COVID pandemic.

CAO Lorraine Willier told council public works would “prefer” to wait.

“You don’t want to jeopardize [staff’s health],” said Mayor Michele Fournier.

But another problem arises.

“How long can we let it go before we have to do it?” asked Councillor Dwayne Stout, noting the pandemic could last for months and perhaps years.

Councillor Eckhard Christen agreed.

“I think the COVID will carry on; there’s more and more cases with COVID going one.”

A motion to not replace any meters for three months was defeated.

“Let’s change them,” said Stout.

“I think so, too,” added Delaurier.

Staff will be asked to phone for appointments first, then practice precautions in the home.

Councillor Sue Delaurier noted if staff used every precaution such as wear a mask and social distance, they should be fine.

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