Canadian curling champion gives GPV students lessons of the game

Mac Olsen

Express Staff



You will fall, which may injure your pride, but you have to get up immediately and laugh it off.

Use the proper footwear on the sheet and clean it prior to going out. You must learn how to balance yourself when you send the rock down the sheet, and it may not come easily for you. And you will get to know how to make your in-turns and out-turns as you progress in the game of curling.

Communicate with your team members and always be mindful of safety on the sheet.

The blue rocks and red rocks each have their designated sides of the sheet, and they must be placed in numerical order. But most important of all, support each other and coach each other.

These were among the many aspects of curling that renowned Canadian champion Heather Nedohin taught to Georges P. Vanier students last week.

Nedohin, who played on Canada’s national team several times, met them at the Falher Curling Rink on January 9. Nedohin demonstrated intensity and commitment about the sport to the students as she would have for herself and team on the sheet, and she ensured that they paid attention. But she was also light-hearted and joked with them on occasion.

Below are some photos and videos of the event. Look for a story about this curling clinic in the January 16 edition of the Smoky River Express.



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