Canada Post gearing up for letters to Santa


Spotlight Staff
More than 1.5 million notes, cards and lists expected to be written to Santa Claus this year, but Canada Post is up to the challenge.

Every year, children from across the country write to Santa, and every year, Canada Post works hard to make sure those letters reach the North Pole.

With less than six weeks until Christmas, the letter-writing campaign is under way again.

The national program has been around for more than 35 years, and in that time answers to more than 160 million letters have been mailed.

Canada Post asks that letters to Santa be mailed before Dec. 14 so Santa has enough time to send an answer. Don’t forget to include a return address. There’s no need for postage, but make sure to get the special address right:
Santa Claus
North Pole
H0H 0H0
For Nadia Chegrinec, a Canada Post employee, writing to Santa Claus has been a family tradition for a decade. After the Santa Claus Parade, her three children pull out construction paper and write their letter.

“And it has to be a real letter, not just a list,” says Chegrinec.

Her children need to ask how Santa’s year has been and wish him well.

“I feel as the kids are growing up, our traditions are waning, and that’s one I’d like to hold on to,” says Chegrinec.

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