A call for youth hunters to implement mentorship program

Mac Olsen with his Whitetail Buck Oct. 2014
Mac Olsen with his Whitetail Buck Oct. 2014

Mac Olsen
Hunting Supplement

Hello, and welcome to the 2016 hunting season in Alberta.

I always look forward to hunting in the fall every year. I strongly believe in the sport and do all that I can to promote it.

That’s why I’m putting out the word to invite youth to hunt with me this fall, as part of a youth mentorship program I wish to establish here in the Peace Country.

I am a member of the Alberta Hunter Education Instructors Association, although I’m not one of the teachers at present. I joined the Edmonton-based organization last year, and they are aware of my intention to get the mentorship program going. I have completed the RCMP’s Criminal Record Check and I’m clear to work with youth in this regard. I have also completed the Standard First Aid Level C CPR with AED.

I am willing to take youth hunting, provided they have completed the AHEIA education program and can provide evidence of certification, i.e. the Hunter Ed certificate number, as well as their tags. They must also prove that they can handle firearms safely and responsibly; I want to see this personally and will take them to a designated firing range to work with them on it, if required.

If youth are looking to complete the AHEIA program, I can put them in contact with an instructor.

Also, although I’m not an archery hunter, I’m also willing to take youth for this kind of a hunt, including crossbow hunting. But again, they must demonstrate that they can handle a bow and arrow or crossbow safely, under my supervision.

I can also take them out for upland bird hunting or waterfowling, depending on the location and what they desire. Again, they must provide proof that they can handle a shotgun safely for this kind of hunt.

I am not the only person who can provide mentorship to youth for hunting, as parents and grandparents and others are equally qualified. But my interest is in helping youth to become the future of the sport. If I can help influence them to become good hunters now, and show them what is a good animal to harvest and what isn’t, as well as reinforce their ethics and the ‘fair chase’ concept, then that is a worthy endeavour in itself.

So, I’m putting the word out now, for families to contact me for youth hunting this fall. I have access to a lot of land and have trail cameras on several quarter sections to keep an eye out for big game.

For more information, please contact me at (780) 837-4386 or via email at macolsen@iwantwireless.ca.

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