Cabins may be permitted

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Cabins could soon be allowed on agricultural land in Big Lakes County.
At its regular meeting Sept. 14 council gave first reading to land-use bylaw 19-2022 to change cabin to permitted use from discretionary use in the agriculture district.
“The county received a number of development permit applications this summer to place cabins on properties in the agriculture district,” said Pat Olansky, director of planning and development.
A public hearing is scheduled for Oct. 12 at 1 p.m.
“Cabin is a discretionary use in the land-use bylaw and applications must be sent to the Municipal Planning Commission for a decision,” Olansky said.
“Notice of applications for discretionary uses must be sent to adjacent landowners for an opportunity to comment prior to a decision being made.”
Following a brief discussion, the MPC recommended council consider including cabin as a permitted use in the agriculture district.
Councillors were concerned the draft bylaw does not regulate the size and number of cabins on a parcel.
Olansky assured council that a cabin is not a permanent dwelling.
High Prairie East – Banana Belt Councillor Tyler Airth said the number should be restricted.
“I think you need to have a limit,” Airth said.
Reeve Robert Nygaard suggested the number could still be limited in another way.
“I think we should leave this with the MPC,” Nygaard said.
Airth agreed with Olansky that cabins be movable and not on a permanent foundation.
A change to the bylaw would better accommodate property owners who plan to locate a cabin on their farmland, sadi Olansky.
“The amendment would allow development permit applications to place cabins in the agriculture district that conform to the land-use bylaw to be approved by the development officer,” Olansky said.

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