Cabin allowed in Joussard

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A log cabin will be allowed on a property in Joussard after the land-use district was changed by Big Lakes County.

At its regular meeting May 10, council gave second and final readings to land-use bylaw 03-2023 to redistrict Plan 062 3891, Block 1, Lot 11 in Joussard to hamlet residential from urban reserve district.

“We received no submissions or concerns,” says Pat Olansky, director of planning and development.

Big Lakes received an application from Tracey Cloutier to redistrict the land, Olansky says.

The applicant proposes to place a cabin on the lot on the west side of Peace River Ave. which was in the urban reserve.

“However, cabin is neither a permitted nor discretionary in this district,” Olansky says.

“Cabin is a discretionary use in the hamlet residential district.”

The general purpose of the urban reserve district is to allow some development withing lands that are identified for future urban growth.”

According to the Joussard area structure plan, the parcel is located within the east residential area.

“These lands provide an opportunity to continue development of rural acreages and seasonal campgrounds,” Olansky says.

“This area will provide separation space between permanent residents and seasonal visitors to ease local conflicts.”

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