Busy ‘bees’ raise money for HPE activities

High Prairie Elementary School held its annual Spell-a-Thon May 17 and raised an incredible $11,096! Every student participates in the fundraiser, which not only raises money through pledges but helps give some incentive to students to further their education in a fun way. Proceeds go toward school activities and performances. It was the first time the Spell-a-Thon was held since pre-COVID times. Photos courtesy of HPE!

Above are the top five HPE Spell-A-Thon earners. Left-right are Zoey Caudron [fifth], Jaxson Holmstrom [first], Silas Baptist [fourth], Sarah Cox [second], and Dutch Degner [third].
Many students scored a perfect 100 per cent on the Spell-a-Thon tests. In the first row, left-right, are Vanessa Solomon, Eliyanah Lamason, Easton Martin, Dennis Sheane, Rhenn Ragan, Dominick Auger, Brody Cox, Cecilia Lay, Assil Harraki, Sophia Fortier, London Laverdiere, and Brianna Bain. In the second row, left-right, are Rhett Gray, Tyler Hamelin, Blaze Laverdiere, Noah Alook, Melody Young, Emily Fleming, Zoey Caudron, Ddendyll Sheane, Callista Morgan, Darien Alook, Jordan Emard, Brayley Auger, Dylan Gorospe-Haugan, and Caleb Patenaude. In the third row, left-right, are Kaiton Auger and Katlynn Spears. In the fourth row, left-right, are Jordan Teynor, Christopher Noskiye, Chloe MacRoberts, Megan Pfefferle, Rebecca Nielsen, Evan Hicks, Samuel Neufeld, Jackson Holmstrom, and Reid Herben. In the fifth row, left-right, are Raeanne Sander-Ferguson, Dutch Degner, Oliver Fors, Leslie Lawrie, Michelle Lock, Emma Nielsen, Max Payne, and Kashton L’Hirondelle. In the back row, left-right, are Joseph Duquette, Alison Cox, and Marie Balbin.
The grand prize winner in the HPE Spell-a-Thon was Sarah Cox.

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