Wildrose Opposition Leader Brian Jean’s statement on Ottawa’s plan to impose a national carbon tax

Wildrose Party
News release

Today (Oct. 3), Wildrose Leader Brian Jean released the following statement on Ottawa’s plan to impose carbon pricing on provinces and Premier Rachel Notley’s response:

“Ottawa’s plan to impose a carbon tax on all provinces is one I do not support and will never support.
“Albertans can be assured Wildrose will campaign on repealing the NDP government’s carbon tax and being a champion for the vast majority of
Albertans who do not support a carbon tax being forced on us by the Liberal government in Ottawa.

“Premier Notley should not be offering any support for this plan, period. Tying a single pipeline approval to taxation sets a dangerous precedent and Alberta needs to make it clear to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this will never be acceptable.
“Our province’s economic interests should not be held hostage by politicians in Ottawa.
“The reality is, families in Alberta need a break. Raising taxes and making life more expensive is not a solution. The National Energy Board exists to independently assess pipeline projects and balance both economic and environmental interests.
“Let’s let the regulator do its job, recognize the importance of our energy sector to the national economy and have politicians get out of the way.”

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