Boil Water Advisory lifted for the areas connected to Fort McMurray waterworks’ southeast regional water line – Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services
News release

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has confirmed that water quality has been restored to a safe level to water system users connected to the southeast regional water line supplied by Fort McMurray waterworks, including communities south of the Fort McMurray Airport to Anzac.

As such, the boil water advisory has been lifted, effective immediately, for those areas.

These areas include the supply line to Gregoire Lake Provincial Park and several sites in Anzac, including the truckfill, community hall, school, teacher’s residence, old fire hall, new recreation centre, strip mall and several homes along Singer Drive. Only those sites directly connected to the regional water line are included. Please refer to the map for additional clarification: The boil water advisory has previously been lifted for the areas of Gregoire, Mackenzie Park, Prairie Creek Residential, Saline Creek, Saline Plateau, Airport Lands and Saprae Creek Estates areas of Fort McMurray, on June 30.

These areas are described as the region south and east of Beacon Hill Place and include the municipally connected sites to Saprae Creek Estates, including Sommer Way Road. Please refer to the map for additional clarification:

Private water systems, not directly connected to the municipal water system (e.g. truck filled cisterns) are not included in the boil water advisory rescind. These cisterns should be cleaned and disinfected, if not already completed. For further information on cleaning and disinfecting your water cistern, please visit to

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