BLC permits cabins on farmland

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Cabins are now allowed on farmland in Big Lakes County.
At its regular meeting Oct 12, council adopted land-use bylaw 19-2022 to change cabin to permitted use from discretionary use in the agriculture district after a quiet public hearing.
“We did not receive any submissions for or against,” said Pat Olansky, director of planning and development.
Grouard Councillor Jeff Chalifoux asked if the land-use bylaw states a limit on the size of a cabin.
Olansky told council the current bylaw has no limits.
However, she noted a cabin cannot be built on a permanent foundation.
Chalifoux then asked if the bylaw limits the number of cabins on one property.
Olansky replied the first cabin is permitted.
“More than one cabin would be discretionary use,” she added.
The matter arose weeks ago after council received a number of development permit applications over the summer to place cabins on properties in the agriculture district.
During discusion at its meeting Sept. 14, some councillors agreed the number of cabins on a property be limited.

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