Blasts from the past shared at Triangle

May 2 at Triangle Hall 15 km west of High Prairie, the Pioneer Thresherman Association hosted an afternoon and evening of Share Memories. Several items were displayed that people used years ago in the house. People were invited to share their memories using the items when they were children. People were also invited to bring items to share. “We all have nostalgia for items we no longer have,” cited a promotional poster. Some items included a dial telephone and cookie cutters. And, of course, who can’t remember as a child looking through the Sears Christmas catalogue for Christmas wishes?

Today’s young people may not know that museum coordinator Betty Claydon is holding an old telephone. This one actually predates the dial telephones that used numbers and instead had a device for short and long rings.
Anyone remember the craze for striped toothpaste? One visitor shard a memory of how two boys secretly tried to cut into one to try and figure out how the toothpaste came out of the tube in its striped condition.
What kid – and adult! – couldn’t wait for the Sears Christmas catalogue to arrive in the 1950s to 1970s?
Various cookie cutters were all part of kitchens years ago. These were likely used for cutouts to make sugar cookies.
Salt Prairie resident Leonard Sahlin brought in an oar he found years ago on the north shore of Lesser Slave Lake and a leather rounder.

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