Big Lakes sets public land auction

Up to three properties in Big Lakes County could be up for bids in a public land auction in September due to unpaid taxes.

At its regular meeting July 26, council scheduled the auction for Sept. 11 at 1 p.m.

“If payments of taxes are paid in full or if the owner can catch up to be behind only one year, the property will not be auctioned,” says Pat Olansky, director of planning and development.

“Notices and letters have been sent to the owners with no response and/or arrangements made for the orderly repayment of the arrears have not been complied with.”

The three properties include:
-A parcel of land in Joussard located at 7 Monteith Dr. set with a reserve bid of $85,000.
-A parcel of land in Enilda located at 11 Main St. set with a reserve bid of $25,000.
-A parcel of land in the western rural part of the county located at 73007 Highway 747 set with a reserve bid of $330,000.

A total of $20,540.69 in property taxes are owing on the three properties, include $11,240.39 for the rural parcel, $5,791.21 for the land in Enilda and $3,509.09 for the property in Joussard.

“None of the property owners have signed payment agreements,” Olansky told council.

“All reasonable efforts have been exhausted to collect taxes owing for these properties.”

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