Big Lakes reeve nominated to Alberta board

Robert Nygaard

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Big Lakes County Reeve Robert Nygaard may be adding another role to his municipal career.
At its regular meeting April 27, council supported Nygaard’s nomination to the board of directors for the Community Planning Association of Alberta.
“Reeve Nygaard has expressed a willingness to let his name stand for a director position,” said Pat Olansky, director of planning and development for Big Lakes.
“Being a member in good standing and active in CPAA conferences for many years, Big Lakes was asked to submit a nomination to the board of directors.”
The CPAA did not receive enough nominations by the April 18 deadline, she added.
“That’s why they reached out to us.”
Four directors positions are available for a three-year term from 2022-2025 and one position for a director vacancy for a two-year term.
“It’s a great idea,” North Gilwood – Triangle said Councillor Jim Zabolotniuk.
In the event the CPAA receives more nominations than seats available, an election would be held May 3 at the annual general meeting.
Big Lakes is responsible for paying Nygaard’s honouria, estimated at $2,500 a year, for him to participate in four board meetings and four committee meetings.
The CPAA would pay any travel expenses, such as accommodations, travel distance and meals for any in-person meetings, Olansky said.
She believes the reeve’s added role can be valuable to the county.
“Reeve Nygaard can contribute a rural and northern rural perspective to the board,” Olansky said.
“As past chair of the Big Lakes County Municipal Planning Commission, he has a good understanding of the importance of good planning principles.
“It will create many networking opportunities to bring awareness to Big Lakes County and its potential for growth.”
The CPAA is a diverse group of professionals and elected officials coming together to share, promote and facilitate productive conversation about community planning in Alberta.
“As a member, Big Lakes council and staff are part of that exchange of information that connects stakeholders across sectors to preserve and enhance the quality of life and community viability,” said Olansky.
The CPAA has six board meetings a year. Members participate on teleconference or video conference for most meetings.
However, a strategic planning session, usually held June, will hopefully be in-person this year after COVID-19 restrictions the past two years.
Typically every board member serves on two committees, including conference committee, nominations and membership committee, nominating committee and scholarship committee.

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