Big Lakes County supports High Prairie School Division food grant proposal

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Big Lakes County supports a program to aid Indigenous students with healthy food choices.
At its regular meeting Jan. 11 council approved a letter of support for High Prairie School Division and Alberta Food Matters in their application for a grant from the NIB Trust Fund to address food insecurity and food literacy for students in HPSD schools.
“The focus of the grant proposal is to increase food literacy and sovereignty with the schools’ student body, our communities and particularly Indigenous students,” says Dave Reynolds, director of corporate services.
“The desire is to involve knowledge keepers and Elders in teaching students skills in planting and harvesting crops and traditional fruits and berries,” Reynolds says.
Signed by Reeve Robert Nygaard, the letter explains the value of the grant to local students.
“With the food literacy rates steady decline among students at our schools, it is imperative to improve these rates through hands-on teaching regarding sustainable food culture,” the letter says.
“It is our understanding that this grant funding will significantly help future generations of our Indigenous neighbours to have valuable knowledge of the importance of food sustainability with the goal of reducing food insecurity in our region for years to come.
“Please consider the profound impact your funding program can make towards our community’s food security, cultural vibrancy and equality.”
HPSD and AFM requested a letter of support with the goal to help First Nations, Metis people and neighbouring Indigenous people address the impacts of the residential school system and to provide meaningful opportunities that improve the quality of life for local communities.

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