Big Lakes County hiking fees for water, sewer users

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Big Lakes County has increased user fees for water and sewer users while some fees have been removed.

At its regular meeting April 12, council approved the schedule of fees bylaw to updates water and sewer fees.

“Revenues from these rate changes would help offset expenses for the water meter expense budget,” says Kevin Cymbaluk, director of public works.

“Increasing the keylock deposit will improve the county’s cost recovery in the event a closed account does not get paid.”

The cost of water meters rises to the actual cost plus 10 per cent rather than just the actual cost.

The rate for deposits for a residential keylock doubles to $200 from $100.

Cymbaluk says the rate was not included when the county increased the rate for the county line and co-op rental customers to $200 in 2018.

“The increase will keep the deposit amounts for customer accounts aligned,” Cymbaluk.

Council eliminated the key replacement charge.

The county upgraded the water treatment plants and eliminated a door panel to lock and unlock.

A fee for the lagoon access was also eliminated.

“Lagoon users purchase a key to access the lagoon at their convenience, so this charge no longer applies,” Cymbaluk says.

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