Better job’ needed to explain increases, says council

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Increased charges for utilities in High Prairie needs to be better explained to residents, council agreed at its Feb. 8 meeting.
A better explanation for the need to increase fees will help residents understand the reasons behind the decisions, they add.
Councillor Donna Deynaka brought up the matter in response to Rina Cunningham’s attendance at council’s Jan. 25 meeting. She attended to express concerns over rising costs.
“I know, for myself, I received many calls,” she told council.
“We need to do a better job explaining our increase. . .do a better job of getting the message out.”
Recent increases in utilities are because council wants to move toward a user pay policy.
“It might be time for a mayor’s video,” Deynaka suggested.
Mayor Brian Panasiuk agreed.
“I’m fine with that to get the message out.”
Councillor John Dunn agreed providing the message is explained to residents carefully.
“There’s a reason for that and we need to show that,” said Dunn regarding the increases.
Other options considered were flyers in mailboxes, a full page ad in South Peace News, and including information in the monthly newsletter, as well as the Town of High Prairie’s website.
Council left the matter in hands of administration to draft an explanation of the reasons for utility increases before proceeding.

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