Benefit concert helps woman in need

Left-right, Ricky Valenzuela from Kikbak, Vern Ledger, and Daniel Molansen jam to raise money for Sandi Smith’s cancer treatment at the benefit concert. Photo courtesy of Kyla Lavoie.

Susan Thompson
South Peace News

A March 14 cancer benefit concert in Peace River was successful in raising some money for Mac Liquor Store employee Sandi Smith.

Smith is fighting Stage 3 lung cancer and needs help with medical travel and costs.

Asked if new social distancing rules affected turnout at the event, organizer Kyla Lavoie says, “It kind of did. We raised a little over a thousand though, so I’m a happy camper.”

The Tapas Room concert featured live music and silent auction.

Sandi Smith sits at back to the right next of the fireplace with friends and supporters at the benefit concert. A friend, Kyla Lavoie, organized the concert on her behalf.

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