Bears, bears everywhere!

Almost 400 bears were collected at the second annual Teddy Bear Toss by the High Prairie Red Wings on Dec. 16. Red Wing players left-right, are captain Avery McNabb, assistant captain Keegan Ferguson and Ethan Many Bears.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Almost 400 stuffed toy animals were collected as the High Prairie Red Wings hosted its second annual Teddy Bear Toss Dec. 16.
After the Red Wings scored their first goal, 396 teddy bears were thrown onto the ice, head coach Trent Meyaard says.
“It was a great evening!”
All bears will be donated to High Prairie Victim Services.
About 200 bears were tossed onto the ice in 2021.
The Red Wings also gave toys to children in the inaugural Kids Secret Santa Giveaway.
“We had lots of happy and positive children,” Meyaard says.
“It was a memorable event we want to continue to do annually.”
Before the game, children ages 12 and under were able to choose a gift on a table and visit Santa Claus.
“We raised just under $3,000 in cash donations over four weeks,” Meyaard says.
The majority of donations were collected in jars around town.
“We were able to buy 275 toys from local stores,” Meyaard says.
“We thank everyone who donated and supported the program.”
The Red Wings created the campaign to support local children.
“Every child deserves something at Christmas,” Meyaard says.
“We wanted to give back to the community and give young kids a small token of appreciation for what they’ve done all year.”
About 40 toys were left over and were donated to the emergency department at the High Prairie Health Complex and High Prairie Victim Services.

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